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Our Kings

 Mst. Kasseldolls Tekila Moon of Galactic

Tekila Moon

 MST. Kasseldolls Tekila Moon of Galactic is our lilac lynx colorpoint male. Tekila is an amazing example of the Ragdoll breed, he has it all type, size, and best of all that famous Ragdoll personality. He is always a joy both at home and at cat shows. Tekila took right to the show world, flopping on the table, showing off for the crowd. Tekila quickly earned the highest title of Master Grand Champion, in CFF where we show. He earned many national awards including Best Cat Nationally for the show season of 2013-2014. I couldn’t be prouder of this boy and we are looking forward to his kittens being in the show ring. Thank you, Ken Staples of Kasseldolls, for this perfect Ragdoll.


Gr. Purrla’s Rigel of Galactic

Ch. Purrla's Rigel of Galactic

GrCh. Purrla’s Rigel of Galactic is our seal point mitted male.  I had no intention of getting another boy just yet, but the stars aligned and while speaking with my friend Elaine of Purrla she mentioned that she had a litter that was born on October first.  I knew it was fate as October 1st is my birthday also.  Both of the seal mitteds in the litter were very nice and I could not decide, so I put it in Elaine’s hands and she chose this boy.  He was the perfect choice for our home.  Rigel is a big, sweet, talkative boy who is a joy to show.  I look forward to his return to the show hall this fall.   We are looking forward to some beautiful babies from this boy when he is ready. Rigel comes from traditional bloodlines.  Thank you, Elaine of Purrla for this wonderful boy.


Gr. Purrla Arcturus of Galactic

GR. Purrla’s Arcturus of Galactic is a blue point mitted.  Arcturus comes from Purrla cattery in New Mexico and is an amazing example of the breed.  Arcturus loves being shown and did very well as a kitten in CFF, though he only had a few kitten shows he earned 18th Best kitten nationally and Best Ragdoll Kitten.  Arcturus earned his championship title in CFF and is working on his Grand Champion title.  We expect this boy to go very far.  Arcturus comes from traditional bloodlines and carries chocolate,  we are looking forward to seeing what he adds to both our traditional lines as well as our lynx lines. Thank you, Elaine, of Purrla for yet another sweet, floppy boy.